Emerson Climate Technologies

Climate Technologies provides products and services for all areas of the climate control industry, including residential heating and cooling, commercial air conditioning, and commercial and industrial refrigeration. Our technology enables homeowners and businesses to better manage their heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems for improved control and lower energy costs. This segment also provides services that digitally control and remotely monitor refrigeration units in grocery stores and other food distribution outlets to enhance freshness and food safety. Emerson’s products and technology solutions include:

  • Heating and air conditioning products that help reduce operational and energy costs and create comfortable environments in all types of buildings, that includes reciprocating and scroll air conditioning compressors, including ultra-efficient residential scroll compressors with two stages of cooling capacity as well as variable speed scroll compressors; standard and programmable thermostats; monitoring equipment and electronic controls for gas and electric heating systems; gas valves for furnaces and water heaters; ignition systems for furnaces; sensors and thermistors for home appliances; and temperature sensors and controls.
  • Technology that is incorporated into equipment to refrigerate food and beverages in supermarkets, convenience stores, food service operations and refrigerated trucks and transport containers. These products include reciprocating, scroll and screw compressors; precision flow controls; system diagnostics and controls that provide precise temperature management; and environmental control systems.
  • Services and solutions that enable global customers to optimize the performance of facilities including large-scale retailers, supermarkets, convenience stores and food services facilities.

Service/trademarks and trade names within the Climate Technologies segment include Emerson Climate Technologies, Computer Process Controls, Copeland, Design Services Network, Dixell, Emerson Climate Technologies Distribution Services, Emerson Climate Technologies Educational Services, Emerson Retail Services, Fusite, Therm-O-Disc, Vilter and White-Rodgers.