Advanced Design 

Behind Emerson’s progress in industrial technologies is an expansive network of research and development professionals that identify hardware issues before they become problems. Since its establishment in 1988, the Emerson Advanced Design Center (ADC) has focused on developing and maintaining a “go-to” network of external resources to assist in new product development.  The center’s main objective is to gather a world-class group of experts who can analyze a project before it gets off the ground and assess technical risk. 

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio (USA) within the Battelle Memorial Institute campus, whose labs operate the largest R&D consultancy in the United States, the Emerson Advanced Design Center supports all of Emerson’s global businesses.

The Emerson Advanced Design Center’s worldwide virtual network of experts includes engineers at various institutes and university research centers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. With immediate global access to the best design professionals in the world, the Emerson Advanced Design Center is able to custom build the best research and development team for each project depending on the technologies and materials being used and the specific issues that the project demands.
"Our company's technology leadership would not exist without the day-to-day contributions of Emerson engineers around the world."
David N. Farr, Chairman and CEO