Intelligent Store

Emerson’s Intelligent Store Helps Supermarkets Safeguard Food Environments and Manage Energy Costs

Next time you are shopping for groceries at your local supermarket, think about the energy required to operate that facility. 

Supermarkets today serve up thousands of different food products, many of which are in specially designed display cases that keep the temperature and humidity within set ranges to optimize shelf life.  If the power goes off, a refrigeration system fails, or a display case door is left ajar, food product integrity can start to deteriorate. 

In fact, refrigeration, lighting, heating, air conditioning and other electrical power needs make supermarkets among the most energy-reliant of all commercial buildings. 

In the United States, an average-size supermarket (50,000 square feet) spends $250,000 annually on energy costs.  That’s more than $4 per square foot – one of the highest rates of energy consumption of any industry sector. Up to 60 percent of this cost is refrigeration.
Faced with high energy costs and the supermarket industry’s typically thin profit margins, facility managers are always looking for ways to better manage operational costs.

A growing number of food retailers are turning to Emerson and its Intelligent Store® solution – an innovative approach to integrating hardware, software and services to monitor and improve energy efficiency, and lower operating costs of their cooling and refrigeration systems while ensuring compliance with government regulations.

Emerson’s Intelligent Store® provides a customizable approach to managing HVAC, lighting and refrigeration systems for a single building or an entire chain. With Intelligent Store, a retail store operator can take advantage of the full range of Emerson’s technology solutions, including:

• Complete control of each store’s HVAC, light and refrigeration systems using Emerson’s E2 Facility Management System, which also includes a power-usage log to ensure every piece of equipment is running at maximum efficiency. Supermarkets utilizing Emerson’s E2 system can save up to 17 percent in energy costs each year.

• A single software tool, called ProAct™, which enables facility managers to collect and analyze facility data. Managers are notified any time store performance is outside acceptable levels or an event needs their attention.  Emerson’s world-class facility monitoring center in suburban Atlanta, Georgia monitors more than 5,000 sites around the world.

• Emerson’s Control Link® Platform, which is designed to control individual equipment, provides significant monitoring and maintenance savings when linked to the E2 Facility Management System.

• Emerson’s Intelligent Store solution is completed with Intelligent Store Discus®, an integrated electronics package that enables a simpler refrigeration supermarket rack.

Emerson’s expert commissioning teams work closely with facility managers to thoroughly review all energy consuming equipment – from compressors in the backroom freezers and coolers to the lights in display cases. They identify opportunities to reduce maintenance and save energy in both new store projects and existing store retrofits.

Coupling Emerson’s commissioning teams with the customizable features of Intelligent Store enables store owners to most effectively address the energy challenges in supermarkets today.  A number of leading supermarket chains around the world are using Emerson’s Intelligent Store solution today – and in some cases, realizing as much as $100,000 savings in operational costs per store per year.

Our commitment to continually combine and advance technology and engineering enables Emerson to produce solutions that provide a competitive advantage for our customers.