Technologies That Help Deliver Peak Performance and Reliability

Demand for renewable wind energy continues to grow around the world. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, worldwide wind farm capacity grew more than 22 percent in 2010 over the prior year – and for the first time more than half of all new wind power was added outside Europe and North America.

Emerson has been providing technologies for commercial wind turbine manufacturers since the mid-1980s. As the wind turbine industry has grown and evolved, Emerson has introduced new product offerings and made strategic acquisitions to better meet the needs of our customers. 

Emerson Industrial Automation is one of the global leaders in the development of pitch drives and intelligent controls for the wind turbine industry.  Our SSB Wind Systems technologies optimize the angle of the blades, or “pitch,” to ensure the highest energy generation possible. To date, SSB Wind Systems has successfully installed over 17,500 electrical pitch systems worldwide.

Jaure high-speed couplings from Emerson play a critical role in efficiently transferring the energy of the rotating blades into the high-speed rotational force needed to drive the heavy-duty electrical generator. Jaure couplings and torque limiters, with high torque capability and endurance, are designed to provide added protection to the gearbox and the ability to absorb high degrees of radial, axial and angular misalignment, make wind turbines more reliable, efficient and safe.

Inside a wind turbine, a generator converts the rotating mechanical energy into electrical power that can be supplied to the power grid. Many of the world’s wind turbines use Leroy-Somer generators from Emerson. To meet the demand for its Leroy-Somer generators, Emerson has established manufacturing facilities in Eastern Europe, China, India and North America.

Leroy-Somer also provides motor solutions to the wind industry for pitch, yaw, hydraulic, and nacelle climate control. This advanced motor technology provides space-saving, energy-efficient motor and brake motor packages to OEMs around the world.

Emerson also provides the wind farm industry with power conversion equipment that allows for the delivery of AC current to commercial power grids. Emerson Network Power has developed wind turbine convertors specially designed for China’s wind farm industry and its power grid environment.

Emerson Process Management’s Ovation™ technology is used to help wind farm operators around the globe to minimize turbine generator downtime and maximize their availability through state of the art control and diagnostic functions. Our Reliability Solutions offerings include technology and services for improving the reliability of critical assets and optimizing maintenance activities. Continuous monitoring of main bearings, gearboxes and generators using unique methodology delivers the earliest indication of developing faults. Our Reliability Consulting team can integrated those technologies along with the reliability best practices to drive results out of a successful reliability program.

Emerson’s cross-platform collaboration, extensive technology offerings and industry experience make it a perfect partner for today’s commercial wind turbine manufacturers who are seeking equipment and software that will maximize energy output, improve efficiency and increase operating life.


Video:   See where Emerson technology is used in a typical wind turbine.

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Our commitment to continually combine and advance technology and engineering enables Emerson to produce solutions that provide a competitive advantage for our customers.