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Operating More Efficient Power Plants 

For more than 20 years, Emerson Process Management has been helping the power generation industry around the world better control critical processes, increase plant efficiencies and boost megawatt production. Emerson’s reputation for quality, reliability and applications expertise is second to none. It’s why Emerson’s plant automation and control technologies today support 600 gigawatts of the world’s power generation capacity.

Take for example, Con Edison, the company that provides electric power and district heating service for New York City. Con Edison turned to Emerson during a major technology upgrade at its East River energy complex in Manhattan. The project’s goal was to safely and efficiently enable the gas-fired facility to add more electric power and generate more steam for the city’s thermal grid which provides heat in the winter for many residents and businesses. 

Emerson's Ovation distributed control technology is used to manage a number of critical processes at this 360-megawatt plant. As Con Edison prepared to bring the upgraded equipment and operations online, it relied on Emerson’s high-fidelity Ovation simulation technology to replicate the plant’s Ovation™-based control room in order to train operators on the new technology, evaluate and develop accurate control strategies under normal and abnormal operating conditions, test systems and reduce plant startup time. Since the successful plant startup, Con Edison has been using Emerson’s simulation technology to optimize the plant’s processes for improved efficiency and reliability.

The demands for more power generation, increasing environmental regulations and enhanced safety and security measures are driving widespread adoption of automation solutions. Leading power producers around the world rely on Emerson Process Management’s Power & Water Solutions industry expertise and its broad portfolio of process control and plant automation technologies to enhance the efficiency, safety, reliability and overall operations of their plants.

From coal-fired, combined cycle and cogeneration units to green energy sites including solar fields, hydroelectric plants and wind farms, Emerson control and automation technologies are used to optimize plant operations and maintenance activities, reduce emissions, as well as avoid costly unplanned outages. Emerson Smart Wireless solutions extend these technologies into areas of plants that were previously out of physical or economic reach.

Nuclear power. Emerson is also a leading technology provider for the nuclear power industry. With an estimated 200 to 400 nuclear reactors coming online globally by 2030, Emerson is building upon its industry leadership to design and implement new digital instrumentation and control valve technologies for the latest generation of reactors and to upgrade existing facilities. Digital instrumentation provides better efficiencies, tighter controls, reduced field visits and worker exposure, lower maintenance costs – and most importantly, improved safety.  In addition, Emerson’s ASCO business is the leader in the design and development of solenoid-operated valves that meet the standards required for the nuclear power industry.

As power producers diversify their energy portfolios and strive to meet the world’s growing appetite for energy, plant operations must be able to quickly and efficiently respond to constantly changing market demand. Emerson technology and industry expertise are helping power producers improve plant economics and achieve a timely return on their optimization investment. Using Emerson’s SmartProcess® optimization solutions allows power producers to capture additional revenue opportunities because their plants can more quickly and efficiently ramp up and down on demand, allowing them to compete in the ancillary power services market while also maintaining grid stability.

With increased market competition and concern with environmental stewardship and safety, electric utilities – particularly those relying on fossil fuels and nuclear power – must excel at operational flexibility, unit performance, environmental management and fiscal responsibility. Emerson’s portfolio of plant automation and control solutions deliver measureable improvements, making its customers even stronger competitors in today's power market. 

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Our commitment to continually combine and advance technology and engineering enables Emerson to produce solutions that provide a competitive advantage for our customers.