Energy & Emissions

Waste and excess emissions are barriers to sustainable, responsible performance.


A Lower Energy Intensity Means Reduced Emissions and Lower Energy Footprint.

We’re moving to a low carbon future. Following The Paris Agreement (COP 21), national carbon reduction targets are set. The global 2°C target isn’t attainable unless industrial manufacturers contribute heavily. Government regulations and carbon markets are inevitable. The time is now to strategically invest in your energy and emissions performance. Top performers in the coming years will enjoy a competitive advantage with lower energy costs, fewer fines and less need to buy CO2 credits.

Manage Energy Performance With Real-time Information

Gain Better Visibility into Site Energy Performance

● Monitor energy consumption and loss in real-time

● Uncover additional energy-savings opportunities


Establish and Manage to Site Energy Targets

● Apply process models that calculate best practical efficiencies in real time

● Develop dynamic target equations from historical data


Share Energy Performance with Key Stakeholders

● Share energy key performance indicators (KPIs) with stakeholders

● Address overconsumption events as they occur


Plan, Do, Check, and Act to Improve Energy and Emissions

Learn best practices for establishing an effective energy management program as well as how Emerson can help you along your journey.

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