Creating more comfortable, efficient environments.

To ensure optimal comfort in commercial applications, superior performance must be achieved, with temperature, pressure, and humidity regulated and monitored by reliable devices that are simple to handle and easily programmable.  

 Emerson has smartly matched, optimized, and integrated compressors, drives, valves, and controls to create a solution that helps achieve the most reliable and efficient system circuit management. A system of two to six variable- and fixed-speed compressors can be managed on one or two circuits. 


We’ve pumped up the heat pump game

Emerson offers a wide selection of products tailored to application needs. From single components that can be implemented into heating and reversible systems to integrated solutions utilizing compressors, mechanical and flow controls, programmable/parametric controllers and touch screen terminals. The more integrated the solution, the more advantageous the investment, resources, and time to market. Reliability and efficiency will increase as well, even in cold climates.

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