Commercial Buildings and Construction

Buildings and Construction

With innovative products and productivity-enhancing tools, Emerson plays a huge role in commercial and residential buildings and construction sites all over the world.

An innovative partner you can count on.

Whether it’s providing solutions and tools to increase the efficiency level of an HVAC system, optimizing performance through better data, or improving air quality in a workspace, we offer a complete range of environmentally friendly solutions for home, at work, and in commercial spaces.

We leverage exclusive compressors, controls, system data, and know-how to deliver tailored solutions with new-to-the-world capabilities. Our plug-n-play solutions support easy implementation of scroll technology. 


New legislation needs new thinking.

Environmental impact and reduction of carbon footprint are at the center of our efforts. Legislation such as the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the Renewable Energy Sources directive and the Ecodesign Directive have been implemented to improve the use of primary energy and promote energy efficiency in heating and cooling applications. Emerson helps manufacturers meet the requirements of this important legislation.

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps are recognized as the technology of choice to make renewable energy usable. That said, several elements—including building insulation and climate—impact peak load and water temperature requirements. 

At Emerson, we focus on improving seasonal performance by providing compressors and system optimization solutions which improve the overall efficiency and reliability of heat pump systems.

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