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Solar Solutions that Maximize the Sun's Power​

  • Emerson innovation is helping solar energy providers capture and convert the sun’s energy more efficiently.

    Solar power could provide nearly a quarter of the world’s electricity over the next several decades, the International Energy Agency predicts, if government policies continue to support commercial development of this renewable energy source.

    To reach this ambitious goal, solar energy producers need technologies that can more efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively capture and convert solar energy into electricity – whether their installations are on building rooftops or in arid desserts. Emerson is helping make it possible.

    Solar PV (photovoltaic) installations rely on arrays of solar cells to capture the sun’s rays during daylight hours. Emerson Industrial Automation designs and manufactures tracking systems (comprised of motors, gearboxes and intelligent software) that ensure solar arrays are positioned for maximum exposure to the sun.

    Our solar tracking systems can increase energy yield by up to 30 percent. Similar tracking systems are used in concentrated solar power (CSP) applications in which mirrors reflect the sun’s rays onto solar collectors which drive a heat engine connected to an electrical generator.

    Our high efficiency power conversion equipment transforms the captured solar energy into grid-ready AC power. Our innovative grid-tie inverters are designed as part of a modular architecture that is compact and scales easily. These inverters have built-in intelligence that maximizes energy yield by controlling the active and standby sequence for each module, and the modules are rotated so that duty is shared and inverter life is extended.

    Emerson also designs and builds “ready-to-run” solar e-houses – pre-built concrete or steel shelters for inverters, transformers, switchgear and other equipment that can be transported and installed at a solar site.

    Emerson Process Management is a leading provider of process control systems used by utility-scale solar providers. Emerson’s Ovation™ system provides more efficient daily operation of a solar power facility’s equipment, as well as remote monitoring and control capabilities. In fact, eight of the 11 concentrating solar plants in the United States, as well as in more than 50 percent of Spain’s concentrating solar power plants, use Emerson’s Ovation™ control technology.

    Emerson Network Power designs and manufactures solar inverters for the residential and small business markets. These small, lightweight solar inverters facilitate time-saving installation, come in isolated and non-isolated versions, and offer exceptional power density and efficiency. Their rugged design with fanless convection cooling drives even higher levels of reliability and can wirelessly send energy data to a touch screen display.

    For smaller scale commercial PV systems, Emerson Network Power has developed special small inverters with battery backup that can power a critical remote site, such as a cell phone tower.

    Emerson’s proven technology solutions, industry experience, and global manufacturing capabilities are helping give solar power investors the confidence to move ahead in harnessing the power of the sun.