$22.3 billion (fiscal 2015)

Stock Symbol
EMR (New York Stock Exchange)

8000 West Florissant Avenue
P.O. Box 4100
St. Louis, MO 63136
+1 314 553 2000

David N. Farr, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Current Employment
Approximately 111,000 worldwide (average during fiscal 2015)

Process Facility Energy

Automation Solutions

We are committed to radically improving our process and industrial business customers' performance with measurable results.

  • Helping the world make the most use of its valuable resources
  • Enabling nations to move their economies forward in a responsible way
  • Empowering industries to thrive when it matters most
  • Advancing the industries that are the backbone of daily life

Commercial & Residential Solutions

We are dedicated to improving the quality of people's lives around the world. 

  • Enhancing human comfort while improving energy efficiency
  • Protecting food quality from point of origin to final destination
  • Preserving the environment by grinding almost any food waste into a source of energy
  • Strengthening municipal and medical infrastructures for sustainable health and safety.

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