But we also understand that neither Emerson nor its customers achieve success in a vacuum.  We must also address the needs of a broader ecosystem – our employees, business partners, shareholders and the communities where we operate.  That part of our mission is more complex, and requires us to look both inside and beyond our company to understand our role as a trusted partner and the impact we can have to make the world a better place.

The customers and industries that we serve in process, industrial, commercial and residential markets provide key building blocks for human progress.  Fuel and energy production that power everything we do, and the pipelines, tankers and grids that bring that power to us.  Manufacturing of the materials and products that we depend on at work and home.  Heating and cooling systems that support human comfort and food safety.  Emerson helps these industries to improve efficiency, maximize reliability and achieve new solutions that strive to improve the quality of life.

We must also look closely at Emerson’s own operations to ensure we are efficient and environmentally responsible.  That we conduct our business with the highest levels of integrity and responsibility.  That we provide equal opportunity and maximum safety for all of our employees, in everything we do.  And that we make a positive impact on the communities where we operate to benefit our employees, their families and society as a whole.

All of us at Emerson take these responsibilities very seriously.  We have established processes, guidelines and objectives in these areas to ensure that we are not only complying with laws, regulations and benchmarks, but that we are continually enhancing our business and our operations to benefit all of the parties that are connected to us. 

These efforts are backed by Emerson’s comprehensive operational program to drive continual internal improvements that exceed customers’ expectations, which we call Perfect Execution.  As part of the program, we are implementing changes that that help maximize safety for our workers; improve the environmental profile of our facility operations; and encourage more efficient use of natural resources in our manufacturing processes.

Today, Emerson is going through substantial change as we realign our businesses to increase our value to our stakeholders and build toward our Perfect Execution objectives.  It makes for an ideal time to measure and establish benchmarks for how we are doing in addressing the needs of our broader ecosystem as well.  This report serves as that measure, providing detailed background on our efforts in the following areas:

We are proud of our accomplishments in each of these areas, but we also understand the need for continual effort and improvement.  We see this 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report as the beginning of an ongoing dialogue with you on our efforts and our progress. Further information regarding key trends, risks and opportunities impacting the long term financial performance of Emerson can be found in our Annual Report to Shareholders and our Form 10-K Annual Report, which can be found here.

David N. Farr

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

View Emerson's 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. 

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