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Accelerating the Next Generation of Innovation

Throughout its rich 125-year history, Emerson has been a catalyst for rapid, meaningful advances and solutions for problems that hadn’t even been identified yet. Now, with its unique new approach to innovation, Emerson is collaborating with customers, industry partners and competitors as well as cross-industry experts to bring new perspectives and technologies to meet impending challenges. 

Part of the initiative includes a new innovation center designed to drive innovation across the heating, cooling and related climate technology industry. The Helix innovation center, an industry-first, $35 million facility dedicated to advancing research and education for the global heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry, is located on the campus of the University of Dayton. 

The Helix

Future heating, cooling and refrigeration technologies solve problems traditional systems can’t thanks to industry-wide collaboration and innovation led by Emerson.

The Helix features full-scale, real-life physical environments – including a working commercial kitchen and grocery store – to enable teams to do rapid prototyping and use practical applications to develop and test their innovations for enhancing residential and commercial building controls, efficiency and comfort. These challenging locations, with buzzing activity and shifting needs, provide an optimal environment to develop and test. They also offer an opportunity to tackle some of the big issues the Helix is focused on: improving food safety, reducing food waste and transforming fresh food delivery. 

A fully functional, two-story 2,000 square foot residential home is a centerpiece of the Helix, enabling teams to address heating and cooling challenges in extreme temperatures and humidity. The Helix innovation center also features Grind2Energy™, Emerson’s groundbreaking solution to enable food waste to be converted into energy.​ 

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The Helix

Featuring full-scale, real-life physical environments, including a working commercial kitchen and grocery store.

Making Ideas Happen

During Helix innovation sessions, customers and industry partners work together to generate ideas and create prototypes in 90 days or less. One project currently underway at the Helix focuses on addressing refrigeration management challenges related to proposed regulation changes, as well as identifying solutions and trends to help drive industrywide adoption. 

The Helix and its unique approach to creating industry solutions is the latest in Emerson’s innovation journey — and the newest of four innovation centers that Emerson has worldwide:

  • The Emerson Innovation Center – Process Systems and Solutions near Austin, Texas, helps customers reliably, safely and profitably operate facilities in industries such as oil and gas, refining, chemicals, power, life sciences, food and beverages, and metals and mining.
  • The Emerson Innovation Center in Marshalltown, Iowa, develops and tests flow control applications and technologies, replicating real-world conditions that no other test or research facility in the world can match.
  • A unique Emerson Innovation Center in Pune, India, focuses on world-class software application development.
  • A Helix facility at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta (Georgia Tech).

As Emerson continues to bring together disparate experts to rethink transformation within the industry, its innovative footprint will grow as well. Emerson is committed to building a global network of innovation centers dedicated to creating industry solutions. 

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