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Smart AC Gives Your HVAC System a Voice


Real-Time Customer Value

Having real-time system information means that contractors, homeowners and businesses save valuable time and money.

For American homeowners, their home’s heating and cooling system is one of the most expensive appliances to repair, replace, power and maintain. Yet most homeowners aren’t attuned to its performance. We can hear and feel it if our car is driving differently, but most of us can’t answer fundamental questions about our HVAC system: Is it working correctly? Is it operating efficiently—or gobbling up extra energy?

We see a cooler future, one where air conditioners can tell homeowners how they’re feeling and can tell contractors exactly what’s ailing them.

That’s why Emerson is introducing intelligence into home heating and cooling systems to maximize their performance. Our technology unlocks advanced diagnostics, protection and communication in Copeland compressors. Armed with in-depth system information, technicians have the insight they need to make faster, more accurate decisions—resulting in improved compressor performance and reliability.

Having real-time system information means that contractors, homeowners and businesses save valuable time and money. Using the latest technology to power an app and remote monitoring, contactors can have access to the inner workings of an HVAC system through their smartphone. This helps them do their job more efficiently, keeping homeowners happier and costs down.

“Callbacks—having to go back and address an HVAC issue again—are something that every contractor tries to avoid,” said Brent Schroeder, group president of heating and air conditioning for Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions. “By developing intelligence for HVAC systems, we’re empowering the systems themselves to let contractors know what is happening, enabling contractors to put their expertise to quick work and address the issue efficiently.”

Being a “smart” AC goes beyond just providing insight when there’s a problem. We see HVAC systems that enable homeowners to have constant access into the health of their HVAC system—and predict problems before they arise. 

The ComfortGuard™ Monitoring Service we pioneered enables homeowners to manage their heating and cooling equipment by providing real-time information to a monitoring team. Using 10 state-of-the-art sensors installed by a professional, a 32-point inspection is conducted every time the heating and cooling system runs. The inspection includes a scan for efficiency changes, filter degradation and component problems. Any problems detected are sent to a monitoring team, which analyzes the data before sending an alert to the homeowner and a service professional.

As technology continues to evolve, we see infinite opportunities to enhance home comfort—one smart innovation at a time.

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