Prediction and Protection for Production Asset Management

To keep your plant assets available and producing revenue, you need solutions that are custom to the criticality of the asset being monitored and that identify the assets at risk of failure.

Implement predictive intelligence and integrated protection technologies to reach business goals and achieve top-quartile reliability.

With AMS technologies, you get asset management and condition indicator capabilities specific to the nature and criticality of production assets.


Make Your Handheld Part of Your Reliability Program

Make Your Handheld Part of Your Reliability Program

With AMS Trex, you can do more in the field than ever before. Hear from Monsanto how the Trex unit improved their maintenance practices.

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Emerson upgrades handheld communicator with first-of-its-kind automatic synchronization technology

The AMS Trex™ Device Communicator connects field device data with asset management experts, leveraging Industrial IoT solutions to improve...
Aug 7, 2017
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Take Control of Condition Information

As budgets tighten and experienced personnel get harder to find, organizations worldwide are seeking novel ways to optimize machinery health...
Jun 30, 2017
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Valve monitoring spurs major changes. Plant achieves cost savings and more-proactive maintenance

TPC GROUP had been meeting industry standards, achieving production goals and safely maintaining day-to-day operation for decades. However, we...
May 24, 2017
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