AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor

The AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor delivers everything you need for asset prediction and process health analysis.

Monitoring Critical Assets in a High-Stakes World

Delivering Visibility to Asset Health 24/7

For some rotating assets and the processes associated with them, periodic route-based data collection is insufficient to indicate asset health. Online condition monitoring provides the frequency and types of data necessary to stay on top of developing issues during normal operations and to respond quickly to sudden changes during transient conditions. Emerson’s AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is a versatile, scalable system that can be deployed in a variety of configurations to deliver online condition monitoring exactly as needed for the application.

Valve Monitoring Maximizes Efficiency

Valve Monitoring Maximizes Efficiency

Reciprocating compressors are designed to last a long time, but the health of individual valves must be assessed continually for maximum compressor efficiency. 

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