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AMS ARES™ Asset Management Platform

The AMS ARES Asset Management Platform delivers relevant asset health information anywhere in your world.

Change the Way You Look at Asset Health

Change the Way You Look at Asset Health

People, time, and data - every day you are challenged to balance too few resources and too much information while working to increase availability of your assets. The AMS ARES Platform collects asset data collected from field-based wired and wireless sensors and delivers information on only the most critical situations. Alerts to both traditional desktop PCs and laptops as well as tablets and smart phones mean plant personnel stay on top of critical production issues at all times.

How It Works

Asset Management

What does asset management look like onsite? Simply put, it starts with defining the assets and role responsibilities across the plant. Inside the AMS ARES Platform, Asset Explorer automatically discovers the assets connected to the plant network. Instead of assigning them in a traditional location-based approach, Asset Explorer allows you to assign them to the roles and responsibilities that make sense for your plant organization.

Data Collection

The assets connected come from prediction and protection technologies. Data is acquired using both wired and wireless condition indicators.

Onsite Clients

The AMS ARES Platform receives the data and, using a variety of diagnostic applications, makes the data available for archival and deeper analysis.


Based on customized setups, Asset View issues alerts on changing conditions within the asset that may require immediate attention. Alerts received are based on both criticality of the issue and the responsibility of the users receiving alerts.

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