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Field-Based Protection with the AMS 3000

When a standard rack-based system is not an option, the AMS 3000 delivers asset protection in the field. 

AMS 3000

Affordable Protection for More Field Assets

While most plants would benefit from having protection capabilities on production semi-critical assets, the reality is the expense and rack-requirements for traditional systems is not cost-effective. The AMS 3000 is a compact, field-mounted solution that delivers dual-channel protection for a wide range of machinery such as pumps, compressors, centrifues, blowers and generators. Sockets and wiring vary based on measurement type selected: vibration or bearing vibration, position, speed and key.

How It Works

Measurements and Sensors

Each module comes with two input channels for shaft vibration, bearing vibration, shaft position, speed and key measurements, and works with multiple sensors types such as eddy current or piezo-electric sensors. 


Analog and digital output signals are available directly at the module for either direct machine shutdown or forwarding to any external PLC or DCS system. Each output is free-configurable for limit supervision and alarming or for forwarding the measurement value. Buffered signal outputs are implemented for each input channel and available for installation, trouble-shooting and quick analysis via connected PC.

Installation and Housing

The AMS 3000 is a standalone protection unit, which can be easily installed in the field without need of many additional wiring. Connect a 24-volt power supply and sensors and the module is ready to start monitoring. Because the AMS 3000 comes in its own rugged field housing, no additional junction box is required.

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