LED Lighting Technology

Appleton’s LED platform is designed to make usable light the foundation for safer, more productive environments.


LED Light Quality: Get the most value from your LED Lighting.

The value in lighting is in enabling you to comfortably and safely work in harsh or hazardous environments. The challenges of bad color, shadows, glare, and inconsistent illumination are complex. Appleton understands.

Each application deserves a tailored lighting solution for any mounting height or level of illumination needed. Appleton luminaires maximize usable light that is comfortable and safe for the application: providing a high quality LED experience.

How It Works


When converting to LED, labor is a key consideration. Appleton designs allow for seamless installation of energy efficient LED luminaires. This ensures your labor is cost effective and drives a faster total cost of ownership payback.

Appleton LED Luminaires easily retrofit into existing Appleton installations as well as into our competitors’ luminaires. Appleton provides a one-for-one installation for your existing layout while maintaining usable and comfortable light.


Safety concerns go beyond glare and dark spots. Appleton Understands.  Vibration is often a concern in harsh environments, so we conduct extensive vibration testing and offer redundant safety cables. Emergency battery backup options protect productivity and safety during power outages. Ensure injury-free installation and maintenance with captive screws that prevent falling hardware. Your safety drives the design of every product in our LED offering.


You need light you can depend on even in the harshest of environments. We bring a long history of corrosion resistance protection to LED lighting. Tough outdoor applications such as lightning strikes and dirty power are challenges; extra surge protection is our solution. A key to LED luminaire longevity is quality components. Appleton uses top tier LED components and continues to seek the best solutions as technology evolves.

Thermal Management

The enemy of LEDs is heat. Appleton’s superior thermal management design maximizes the life of the LEDs and the luminaire. All Appleton luminaires are tested to provide the expected lumens at maximum ambient temperature. If the maximum ambient temperature is exceeded, our systems are designed to reduce light output without causing a lighting outage to ensure safety in the area. Our priority is to maintain usable and high quality light throughout the designated temperature range.

Global Certifications

Appleton recognizes the importance of having the correct certification for your geographic location and the environment it will be used in. Whether your geography requires ATEX, IECEx, NEC or CEC certification, Appleton’s regulatory involvement, technical expertise and range of LED luminaires solve the challenges of outfitting your facilities. Our engineers have developed innovative advancements in lighting, making Appleton the right choice for hazardous and industrial location luminaires.

Lighting Your Way

For proper illumination in extreme conditions, you need a lighting manufacturer who engineers their luminaires to ensure optimal light dispersion, creating more usable light. Upgrading from Appleton™ HID luminaires to Appleton LED luminaires is seamless with a one-to-one installation retrofit. From floodlights to general purpose lighting for industrial or hazardous locations, Emerson’s Appleton™ LED platform is designed to make usable light the foundation for safer, more productive environments.

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