Welding Solutions That Scale with Your Business

We rely on a diverse lineup of advanced welding technologies to solve your business challenges, whether helping a small business ramp up production for a new health monitoring device or partnering with a large company looking to optimize a pilot run for a new product design. We can help your business respond to the continuous technological advances that have shortened product life cycles and compressed margins.

 Our custom welding solutions and global resources are ready to solve your toughest design challenges.


Plastic Welding for Electronics

Our plastic joining solutions include a patented laser process and innovative ultrasonic technology, as well as vibration, spin and hot plate joining options. We can help you create virtually seamless joints for virtually any application, including: wearables, smart textiles, earbuds, cameras, speaker boxes, cellphones and accessories, tablets, ink and toner cartridges, medical devices and instruments and more. Our process uses no adhesives, so you get a clean, reliable join in seconds, lowering manufacturing costs while accelerating production.

Image of metal-welding-electronics

Metal Welding for Electronics

Our technologies for metal welding create reliable, impermeable joints without solder or adhesives in a wide range of products, including: batteries, MEMS, sensors, LEDs, solar panels, fuel cells, wire splicing, harnesses, transformers, relays and various interconnects. The ultrasonic process mechanically removes oxides and contaminants, which simplifies production, reduces costs and optimizes efficiency. Ultrasonic tube-sealing machines also eliminate the need for applied heat in tubes filled with heat-sensitive or flammable materials.


Precision Cleaning for Electronics

Our ultrasonic cleaning equipment excels at thoroughly cleaning parts where the slightest trace process containments, oil or dust can affect product quality and reliability. Precision cleaning of medical devices and implants, semiconductor wafers, hard drive discs, optical components and solar panels can be effectively and efficiently cleaned using our industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment. And our benchtop systems are perfect for smaller scale cleaning of laboratory, medical, dental, industrial, optical and electrical products.

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