The Right Technology for the Right Weld

Branson offers a full range of custom, industry-leading, plastic joining options for any size appliance. From joining the shelves in refrigerators to assembling the parts of popular blenders, our process-neutral approach to welding technology ensures that industrial manufacturers will use the optimal weld technology to meet the high-volume demands of their applications.  


Large Appliances

Large appliance manufacturers look to us for proven plastic welding solutions that enhance the integrity and usability of refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, reservoir tanks and more. We design strong seals for large parts no matter how complex the contours or challenging the design. Whether you need to ensure that a weld can withstand toxic fluids, extreme pressure or repeated use, we’ll find the technology that can deliver reliability, consistency and performance.


Small Appliances

Small appliances require precise, particulate-free, aesthetically clean weld joints that maintain performance standards even with extensive use. Our plastic welding solutions are designed to accommodate the high-volume, high-efficiency demands of today’s leading manufacturers, regardless of how tiny or intricate the component. Our experts are ready to take on your toughest challenge for blenders, coffee makers, vacuums, weed whackers, chainsaws and more. 

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