Compact, Light Weight Quarter-Turn Electric Actuators

HQ Series meets AWWA C542 standards, is NEMA 4 and 6 rated, IP67 with optional IP68 and NEMA 7, EEx d IIB T4

Tough, Reliable, Small Footprint

HQ Series is an extension of EIM’s world famous 2000 Series, M2CP and TEC2000 actuators. The HQ Series, HQ RBB, bring a new level of reliability and security to Emerson’s time-tested HQ product line with the HQ rechargeable battery backup.

Provdies outstanding performance in water/wastewater, food and beverage, pulp and paper, and harsh marine applications.

This actuator operates on single-phase 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz power. If electric power is lost, this actuator will operate in fail-safe mode to open/ close a critical valve while still permitting local and remote operation up to five times within one hour.



Electric Actuators for Marine Application

Electric Valve Remote Control System is ideal to meet cost effective and stringent requirements in the marine industry. With compact, lightweight, reliable, and robust performance to withstand severe marine environments and adhere to US Navy standards, our electric actuators eliminate need to replace entire electrical package, available in many configurations, and simplifies maintenance.

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