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Peak Performance Coriolis Flow Meter

Emerson simplifies flow measurement with a highly accurate, ultra-precise Coriolis flow meter

Micro Motion Elite Flow Meters

Achieve Precision Measurement

Designed for superior precision measurement and process control for low-flow and high-capacity applications, Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis flow meters deliver the most accurate, repeatable mass flow measurement for liquids, gases or slurries. For virtually any process fluid, these advanced meters offer the most accurate measurement available, while exhibiting exceptionally low pressure drop.

How It Works

Technology Explanation

Micro Motion ELITE Coriolis flow meters are flow-measurement devices that measure mass flow and density using the basic principles of motion mechanics. These meters are manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, all of which can influence the sensitivity of the meter’s flow-rate measurement.

Advanced Diagnostics for your Meter

Ensuring your meter is working properly is critical in process applications. But removing it to verify its proper functionality can significantly disrupt operations. With Smart Meter Verification, you can test your meter in less than 90 seconds without process interruption. Now you can verify your meter is performing as well as the day it was installed, while saving significant expenditure by reducing labor, outsourced service costs and downtime.

Two-Phase Flow Conditions

All flow meter technologies have limitations, and most have a tough time with two-phase flow. ELITE flow meters ensure the two-phase mixture vibrates with the tube to drastically reduce entrained gas uncertainty contributions. This enables these advanced meters to deliver excellent accuracy and reliability in applications in which entrained air (and sometimes other gases)


Figuring out which transmitter will work best with your ELITE meter is critical to ensuring superior flow and density measurement. Whether you need to accommodate hazardous areas, gather enhanced measurement diagnostics or have specific location requests, reference the sensor-/transmitter-compatibility chart to understand all of your options.

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