Model 5700 Transmitter Straight View

Superior Process Insight for Performance Optimization

The Micro Motion Model 5700 Advanced, Field-Mount Coriolis Transmitter ensures total measurement confidence, valuable process insight and greater operational efficiency. Delivering the best in measurement technology and offering unparalleled support, this advanced transmitter provides the scalability, compatibility and performance that your application demands.

How It Works

Technology Explanation

The Coriolis transmitter converts raw sensor data to mass flow measurement, density, temperature and drive gain, and calculates derived variables such as volume flow rate, flow totals and concentration measurement. It then translates process variables into an output signal useful for process control. The 5700 also provides an optional local display to monitor and control the meter, plus many other features such as design and a historian feature.

Advanced Diagnostics for your Meter

Ensuring your meter is working properly is critical in process applications. But removing it to verify its proper functionality can significantly disrupt operations. With Smart Meter Verification, you can test your meter in less than 90 seconds without process interruption. Now you can verify your meter is performing as well as the day it was installed, while saving significant expenditure by reducing labor, outsourced service costs and downtime.

Ethernet Capabilities

Benefit from the latest in instrument and plant-connectivity advancements such as Ethernet networks and systems designed to deliver faster, more insightful interactions with your process. The Ethernet version provides numerous advantages such as a native Ethernet architecture and connections, multiple protocol choices including EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and PROFINET, an on-board web server for easy configuration, and a simplified PLC integration.

Sensor/Transmitter Compatibility

The Model 5700 transmitter has been upgraded with Advanced Phase Measurement software. This and other factors make it critical that you know which meter works best with the 5700 to ensure superior flow and density measurement. Use the sensor/transmitter compatibility chart to identify the best pairing for applications such as use in hazardous areas, gathering enhanced measurement diagnostics or satisfying specific location requests.


The Model 5700 with the ITK6 FOUNDATION Fieldbus digital communication, also offers 2 additional outputs.

·        mA output 

·        FO/DO output (passive)

The Model 5700 FOUNDATION Fielbus version also offers the following:

·        Data Historian

·        Zero Verification

·        Optional Smart Meter Verification

·        Optional Advanced Phase Measurement 

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