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Smart Meter Verification

Identify flow meter performance in-line, on your schedule and without interrupting the process flow.

Learn About Smart Meter Verification

Delivering Absolute Measurement Confidence

See How Smart Meter Verification can help you minimize downtime and confirm the accuracy of your measurements.

How It Works

Technology – Micro Motion

Smart Meter Verification uses onboard diagnostics to measure flowtube stiffness, which is directly related to the flow-calibration factor. Each verification checks meter stiffness and compares it to a factory baseline. If stiffness remains unchanged, the calibration factor is correct and the meter will meet its specification. Measurement-accuracy confirmation and meter integrity drives cost reduction by extending proving intervals.

Technology - Rosemount

Smart Meter Verification is a key performance-diagnostic tool for Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meters. Emerson identifies a baseline signature of the magnetic field during factory calibration. The transmitter continuously monitors the coil, electrode and output parameters for early detection of potential issues. Any variation of baseline signature indicates a mechanical shift of the coils, often caused by long-term thermal cycling or vibration. 

Meter Health

Smart Meter Verification enables you to check your flow meter’s health in less than 90 seconds without taking your meter out of line. This smart solution continuously monitors meter health and provides early detection of potential issues, empowering you to take action and avoid issues that could impact the product’s measurement performance.


In addition to the measurement confidence Smart Meter Verification provides, it is an invaluable component of your compliance strategy. This advanced software establishes an audit trail for each meter and captures data for visual analysis and reporting on demand. Agencies including FDA, TTB, EPA, ISO 9001 and AGA-11 recognize Smart Meter Verification as a valid work practice in lieu of some or all calibrations or provings. 

Sensor/Transmitter Compatibility

Smart Meter Verification is new to all Micro Motion and Rosemount Magnetic flow meters. Determining which meter and transmitter will work best in your application is critical to ensuring superior flow and density measurement. Whether you need to accommodate hazardous areas, gather enhanced measurement diagnostics or have specific location requests, reference the sensor-/transmitter-compatibility chart to understand all of your options.

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