temp-H003 DCS Workstations

DeltaV DCS Workstations

Make DeltaV Installation and Maintenance Trouble Free Using Purpose-Built DeltaV Workstations

temp-C011 DCS Workstations

Operations and maintenance experience built into the DeltaV system.

DeltaV provides a variety of purpose built computers specifically manufactured and tested to support DeltaV applications. DeltaV Workstations are configured with the hardware – NIC cards, memory and hard disk size — required to support DeltaV applications. Using images to install the operating system ensure that only the DeltaV required applications are installed and the system is properly configured to provide the robustness and performance required in a mission critical system.

How It Works

Lower Hardware Costs

DeltaV Workstation hardware is configured to provide the optimum cost performance solution. The hardware configuration provides the performance required for your DeltaV system without over-specifying the hardware and adding unnecessary costs.

Cut Implementation Cost & Time

DeltaV software requires specific operating system configuration settings to provide the best performance. By using images to install Microsoft Windows, all of these settings are automatically configured and do not require any manual operating system setup to support the proper installation of DeltaV software. Any unique hardware such as network interface cards and video cards are preinstalled and tested with DeltaV software — reducing time and effort in deploying the system.

Provide “Easy” Security

The images install only those O/S applications required for the DeltaV system. This is an important element for security as it significantly reduces the “attack surface” of the computer. If non-certified computers are used, all of this required installation and configuration must be done manually. In addition it may be necessary to actually reinstall the O/S to ensure that only the minimum set of applications are installed.

Improve the Operator Experience

DeltaV Workstations using multi-monitors require specific video cards, drivers, and management software to support the DeltaV Operator interface applications. Using untested or unsupported video cards will result in poor performance and possible undesired operator interface situations (such as operator dialogues appearing incorrectly and on inconsistent locations on the monitors).


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