SmartProcess™ Optimization Software

Optimize your processes using turnkey, off-the-shelf advanced control and monitoring applications from Emerson


Enable Top Quartile Performance Using Process Optimization Solutions

All process plants have opportunities for improving the process performance of their unit operations, from reactors and distillation columns to fractionators, fired heaters and others. All plants have the potential for reducing variability—hence improving product quality, increasing unit or plant availability and capacity, or reducing energy and material usage.

Emerson’s SmartProcess suite of applications optimize major unit operations using Model Predictive Control (MPC). MPC uses dynamic models of the process, and a record of its past behavior, to predict how the process will behave in the future. These predictions are then used to determine an optimum sequence of control actions that ensure all process control objectives are achieved simultaneously.

How It Works

Control Performance

Performance of the regulatory control system, from sensor to valve, is critical for safe and reliable plant operations. It is also crucial for achieving benefits from any advanced control applications. Emerson can help identify and fix any malfunctioning or poorly performing instrumentation, valves and control loops.

Advanced Control Technology

Advanced control applications include a combination of advanced regulatory control functions, custom calculations and embedded DeltaV APC technologies such as Model Predictive Control (MPC) and Neural Net inferential modeling.  SmartProcess applications also include pre-configured operator graphics and all required documentation.


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