temp-H003 SSeries

DeltaV DCS S-series Hardware

Focus on what needs to be done rather than how

temp-C011 SSeries

I/O on Demand Technology

DeltaV S-series hardware adds I/O on Demand functionality to all the proven technology found in the M-series controller. With “hot-swappable” capabilities, you can add controllers, I/O cards, field devices, and workstations while the system is powered and running. Expand and upgrade your system with no downtime. The S-series' exterior hardware design delivers easy snap-in installation that prevents bent pins and over–tightening onto rails, and releases with the push of a button.

How It Works

Lower Project Costs

The S-series Hardware platform offers I/O on Demand functionality, so that intensive I/O or Bus pre-engineering work can be eliminated and even late project I/O and process design change orders can completely disappear. S-series Hardware is built rugged to be mounted almost anywhere, including hazardous environments like Class1, Division 2 / Zone 2 Group A,B,C,D. The Operating temperature range for most of the S-series Hardware Components is -40°C to +70°C, which makes it suitable for temperature extremes.

Optimized Hardware

S-series Hardware can be mounted on a Horizontal Carrier System that has the field power distribution built in. Therefore, marshalling and cross-wiring of power and grounding for Foundation Fieldbus segments are already taken care of — even if redundancy is desired. The S-series Power Integrated Fieldbus H1 Card is a product that clearly reduces the complexity of Foundation Fieldbus Segments by benefitting from these features.

Innovative I/O and Bus Cards

Some newly introduced Traditional I/O Cards, covering high density and redundancy at the same time, are making the difference, as they offer new diagnostic features as well new termination options, reducing the amount and variance of additionally needed Field Termination Assemblies (FTAs).


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