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DeltaV DCS - Reliability

Gain a competitive advantage by employing reliable equipment

PPL FR1039-024-Screens

Quickly assess the condition of equipment to make real-time adjustments

By integrating field diagnostic information with the control system, operators can quickly assess the condition of instruments, valves, and mechanical equipment to make real-time adjustments to sustain throughput and quality. DeltaV can receive critical machinery health alerts from the CSI 6500, providing actionable information for operators to protect the condition of mechanical assets. Integration with AMS Device Manager allows operators to significantly reduce commissioning time during startups.

How It Works

Make Informed Decisions

Knowing and understanding the condition of your field equipment help you meet your operational goals. Equipment health alerts on the operator screen deliver actionable information to enable real-time adjustments to protect equipment, quality, and throughput.

Reduce Start-Up Time

Reduce commissioning time by up to 80% with the combination of AMS Device Manager and the DeltaV system. Use device templates to define configurations and then apply templates to devices in bulk. This mass configuration means that you can set the template once and apply it to many devices – at the same time. Quickly validate configurations with the built-in reporting tools.

Increase Availability

You will obtain sustainable control only if you have a strong foundation built on healthy devices and reliable field information. The DeltaV system uses validated data and equipment health information from intelligent field assets to ensure the right control action is taken — preventing unwanted shutdowns if an asset fails. Critical strategies run in a rugged, high-speed, optionally redundant environment.


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