Ovation Power Plant Simulators

Improve Power Plant Operational and Organizational Performance with Scalable and Embedded Simulation Solutions


Flexible Solutions for Accurate Decision Making

Ovation™ simulation solutions can help transition personnel and technology during times of change, and improve operations through development, testing, and training.

Ovation simulators can be tailored to meet the operational challenges of any power generation facility including coal plants, combined-cycle and simple-cycle plants, or renewable energy. Utilizing empirical, mixed-fidelity, or high-fidelity models, Ovation simulators provide a full range of solutions to fit your needs and budget.

How It Works

Operator Training

Training with simulators provides comprehensive operator instruction for new personnel, while meeting the need to provide periodic refresher training and qualification for more experienced operators at your power plant.

Procedure Development

Simulation flexibility allows for development of the best power plant operating-practice procedures and the systematic transfer of plant and process knowledge from the most experienced and productive operators to the entire operations staff.

Control Logic Testing

Through simulation, you can gain confidence in new control strategies before implementing them on the power plant’s distributed control system. This practice results in fewer unexpected plant incidences, avoids plant trips, reduces maintenance expenses, and leads to safer operations and greater availability.

Plant Process Improvements

As an engineering tool, simulators provide a realistic platform for evaluating plant equipment modifications before project execution. With the ability to easily explore various ‘what-if’ scenarios, plant engineers can better assess the effect of plant changes prior to making an investment, thus reducing risks and improving the results of implemented projects.


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