DeltaV SIS - Engineering

 Simplify and streamline your engineering effort with an integrated configuration environment for both SIS and DCS.


Eliminate engineering complexity via built-for-purpose function blocks

IEC 61508-certified built-for purpose function blocks offer advanced engineering technology, drag-and-drop configuration, comprehensive security, and explorer-based software. These function blocks simplify configuration and troubleshooting by providing safety logic needed for voting, sequencing, and/or alarming.

With engineering software, manage all aspects of your system configuration: hardware, safety logic, built-in change management, and history. 

How It Works

Eliminate custom code

DeltaV SIS enables you to develop typical safety applications using no custom code. In fact, the built-for-purpose function blocks —certified according the IEC 61508 — enable intuitive deployment of voting, sequencing, and cause-and-effect matrices, reducing risk during the development, commissioning, and startup phase.

Ease IEC 61511 Compliance

The DeltaV SIS™ system was designed from the ground up to simplify regulatory compliance to IEC 61511, the system provides stringent change management, security management, and documentation tools.

Use of Field Diagnostics

The entire safety instrumented function (SIF) must be considered as a complete entity - sensor, logic solver and final element - because most faults in SIS applications occur in the field.

The DeltaV SIS™ process safety system not only continuously monitors the ability of sensors, logic solvers, and final elements to perform on demand but also allows the easy integration of field diagnostics into the safety logic to help reducing spurious trips.


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