temp-H003 DeltaVSIS Reliability

DeltaV SIS Reliability

Use predictive diagnostics to avoid spurious trips to the field.

temp-C011 DeltaVSIS Reliability

Save Time, Lower Risk by Using Leading-Edge Diagnostics

 Over 90 percent of SIF failures are related to the field elements. The modern DeltaV SIS approach takes advantage of leading-edge technology in terms of diagnostics. The DeltaV SIS Function Blocks have embedded features that allow the use of this diagnostic with zero configuration required.

Having the HART communication natively on analog channels, all the way to our Asset Management Solution and Enterprise level, enables asset management activities as well as improved Proof Testing.

How It Works

Embedded Diagnostics

All the built–for-purpose Function Blocks have the embedded functionality for handling the variable status. No matter if the signal comes from a HART device or a discrete device with the Line Fault Detection feature enabled, the function blocks will handle it properly.

An example of improved diagnostics is the comparison between the HART Digital value and the Analog Current value; the system automatically detects current drain in the loop.

Automated Proof Testing

The native HART functionality and the integration with AMS QuickCheck and Syncade enable automated proof test procedures, simplifying IEC 61511 compliance.

With these procedures you ensure tests are done the same way, avoid missing the proof test interval, have reliable records, create electronic reports, and simplify Functional Safety Management.

In normal operation, the logic solver prevents HART commands from writing information to the field, increasing safety.


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