temp-H003 DeltaVSIS SoE

DeltaV SIS Sequence of Events

The out-of-the-box Sequence of Events engine enables built-in compliance with 61511.

temp-C011 DeltaVSIS SoE

Know Exactly What Happens

DeltaV SIS™ built-for-compliance architecture provides a compelling Sequence of Events engine out of the box, in compliance with IEC 61511. Every event is automatically time stamped on the logic solver and saved to the SOE database, providing an exact sequencing with very high resolution. If for some reason the logic solver communication to the SOE database ceases, the logic solver buffers the events, so no event data are lost. The SOE viewer makes it easy to find event data and troubleshoot.

How It Works

Remove Engineering Complexity

The built-for-purpose function blocks automatically generate events with no custom configuration. Events are time stamped by the logic solver and saved to the SOE database. IO Failure, Trip, Bypass, First Out and Forced Output are some of the built-in events. Customized events and alarms can also be configured.

Ease Compliance to IEC 61511

The IEC 61511 defines SOE for system operation and maintenance. It also requires the Functional Safety Management procedures to perform periodic assessments to ensure the procedures have been followed. DeltaV SIS out-of-the-box SOE record engine removes complexity on events recording and retrieval.

Know What Happened

Accurately recording the events that took place - in the precise order in which they occurred—allows those investigating the incident to have an exact picture of the chain of events that led to the upset.


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