temp-H003 DeltaVSIS SLS

DeltaV SIS Standalone – Smart Logic Solvers (SLS)

Modern. Smart. Modular.

temp-C011 DeltaVSIS SLS

A scalable modular architecture for unprecedented flexibility and ease

Provides flexibility for the safety you want, when you want, where you want. The modular hardware scalies in sizes of 16 to 30,000 configurable I/O. Every time I/O is added, memory and CPU capacity is added too. No neeed to allocate spare CPU capacity for future expansions.

You can expand the application without affecting response time. Changes can be done on a SIF basis without affecting the entire application. Approved for use up to SIL 3 process safety applications as defined by IEC 61508.

How It Works

Predictive Intelligence

The DeltaV SIS logic solver, built for digital communications with safety sensors and final control elements, uses the power of predictive field intelligence to increase the overall reliability of the entire SIF.

Emerson’s smart sensors, such as Rosemount™ and Micro Motion™ devices, go beyond detecting component failures. The DeltaV SIS Smart Logic Solver uses those advanced diagnostics to evaluate the performance of the complete measurement system.

SIF-Based Approach

The DeltaV SIS system design was based on IEC 61511 safety instrumented function (SIF) concept, where every logic solver is a container for a small number of SIFs.

Unlike other system architectures, the logic solver is no longer a single point of failure for the entire process. The DeltaV SIS SIF-based approach does not mean that all of the safety logic and I/O have to fit into one logic solver. All input data is made available to every logic solver on the same controller node.

Scales to Any Application Size

The modular logic solver hardware scales from 16 up to 30,000 I/O. Because each I/O is configurable, you don’t need to specify the type of I/O module as in other safety systems.


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