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Valve Connected Services

Real-time, non-intrusive health monitoring that allows for focused, predictive analysis to help you improve overall plant safety, availability, and profitability.


Predictive Insights with Connected Services

Implementing a Connected Services program for your valves is an important step to turn your process plant into a Top Quartile performer. Having a remote monitoring strategy in place will lead to reduced downtime, safer working environments and real savings to your bottom line. Whether you’re dealing with hazardous areas, time-critical turnarounds, or long distances between valve locations, Emerson has engineering experts to help you leverage today’s connected IIoT technologies.

The Power of Predictive Insights

By partnering with Emerson, manufacturers can collect vital valve health data from the field and provide more realistic valve failure information than could be generated through modeling. Our connected approach enables diagnostic data from multiple sources to be visualized and aggregated, and allows team members located around the world to look and work on the same data in a collaborative manner. Analysts can view valve health data and look at valve condition history to determine trends and predict impending valve deterioration, which means maintenance can be scheduled and performed well before an operator alarm is triggered. 


Below are several real-world scenarios of how we can help prevent valve-related problems.

Valve Service Scenarios

Find out how a valve springs failure was identified at a customer site.

Find out how a stuck valve was identified.

Find out how a valve packing leak was detected.


Prevent Unplanned Shutdowns

Emerson’s remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities have given a plant’s maintenance team more confidence in the reliability of their valves and other assets, as well as more time to focus on other priorities.

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