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About Supervisory Control Systems

Gain greater visibility into your entire metering installation with smart controllers that streamline access to critical information & facilitate remote monitoring.

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Smart Metering Control Systems

A process acquisition control system is an integrated system comprised of hardware and software components that are configured to monitor and regulate complex industrial processes. 

The purpose of the system is to control and calculate product flows through a meter line as well as streamline access to critical data, enabling operators to monitor process conditions and send control commands to the field connected devices. For instance, a system designed for flow measurement must be able to rapidly detect measurement variability and provide intelligence regarding the process upset to help expedite resolution.

About Supervisory Control Systems

System Design

A control system designed for fiscal flow measurement generally includes a logic controller and flow computers.

Ideally, the system offers multiple meter monitoring capabilities, built-in redundancy, and the ability to integrate with existing DCS hosts, SCADA and other third party control systems. 


A supervisory control system allows for monitoring and control of many metering parameters. It automates data processing, calculations and online validation of measurement information. 

The system improves operational efficiency by enabling operators to view historical metering trends as well as process alarms; enter characteristic data for each meter; input laboratory analysis data for correction as needed; generate delivery tickets and reports; and improve enterprise wide data archiving and communications. 


A process acquisition control system designed for a fiscal flow measurement operation reduces financial risk by ensuring greater measurement accuracy and reliability as well as ongoing compliance with industry standards. 

The system also standardizes practices and reduces complexity to improve cost control, enhance productivity and streamline reporting functions.


A process acquisition control system is an ideal solution for a high-volume, fiscal flow measurement operation. Offshore production sites and pipeline operators as well as refineries and chemical plants use this type of system to ensure accountability during custody transfer, transportation, and loading and off-loading of barges, tankers, and railcars.

Pipeline operators also use control systems for improved batch and loss/gain control to maximize pipeline capacity and utilization.

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