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Blending and Transfer Solutions

Improve blending performance with the most complete offering of expertise, turnkey systems, and services in the industry.

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Blend Right the First Time, Every Time at Guaranteed Performance

With over 50 years of experience in blending design and automation, Emerson has the broadest portfolio of solutions for blending and transfer applications in the industry. In addition to consulting, project execution, and lifecycle services, Emerson offers turnkey, integrated solutions tailored to help you enhance the perfromance and profitability of your entire operation. Working alongside Emerson experts, you will be able to achieve on-spec blending, minimize risk, reduce operator error, and meet your production plans.

End-to-end Solutions for Blending and Transfer Applications


Processing lower-cost opportunity crudes has become essential to your profitability. However, as you’re challenged to accurately blend a wider range of crudes with greater variability, failing to achieve the correct blend can create downstream issues. Capturing the full value of opportunity crudes can be difficult without the ability to quickly adapt to changing feedstock properties. With Emerson’s in-line blending solutions you will achieve the flexibility needed to overcome these challenges.


In today’s clean fuels market, successful blending is critical to your bottom line. At the same time, meeting production targets can be difficult due to touch-up blends, lengthy QA processes, capacity constraints, antiquated technology, and giveaway. With Emerson’s expertise and turnkey, in-line blending solutions and controls you can easily modernize your blending operations to improve throughput, reduce giveaway, and increase your operational flexibility — without having to take a shutdown.


Blending lubes and greases is tough in today’s market. Now more than ever there are increasing numbers of OEM specifications to meet and customers who want smaller batches, higher delivery frequencies, and shorter lead times. Hitting narrowing quality targets can be difficult due to contamination and poor control. With Emerson’s expertise and blending and piggable transfer solutions you’ll be able to meet your right-first-time goal while improving your flexibility to meet changing demand.


Blending chemical products requires exacting performance. To maintain profitability, you must overcome long, unpredictable cycle times and the need for end-of-batch adjustments. Too many off-spec batches can significantly impact your margins, especially if you’re limited in your ability to meet changing demand due to process limitations, antiquated technology, or poor asset utilization. Emerson’s portfolio of blending products can help you reduce cycle times and gain greater recipe control.  

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A Guide to Integrated Blending Solutions

Maximize blending performance in any market, at the lowest cost.

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