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Achieve flexibility and accurate flow rate measurements in the most challenging fields

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Multiphase Metering Principles

Operators today are looking for flexible, scalable and accurate multiphase meters that meet field requirements, yet also provide value for money in the most challenging of fields. Through developments in signal processing and field electronics alongside a modular approach, multiphase meters are rising to the challenge, delivering increased flow assurance and production optimization and meeting all field and cost requirements.

How It Works

Wellhead Monitoring

Direct and continuous multiphase flow monitoring at the wellhead ensures greater measurement accuracy and eliminates the need for dedicated test lines and test separators.

Measurement Principle

The Multiphase and Wetgas meters apply a combination of electrical impedance measurements with cross correlation for velocity measurements. Depending on the application and measurement needs, the system can be extended with Venturi measurements, a gamma density system, a sand monitoring system, salinity measurements and a Wetgas operating mode.

Critical Well Information

Operators that use multiphase meters to monitor their wells will obtain real-time and continuous well flow information.  This will allow for early detection of water/gas breakthrough and improved well control.  Knowledge of the individual phase flow rates of a producing well are required to facilitate reservoir management, field development, operational control, flow assurance and production allocation.

Real-Time Data

With instantaneous flow rates, operators can make real-time decisions on their well’s production capabilities and determine the volumes of each phase produced and monitor critical events like water and gas break through.

Eliminate Test Separators

The cost of separators can vary considerable depending on the sophistication of the solution, philosophy, geographical location, application and use. Multiphase meters potentially allow for significant CAPEX and OPEX savings in many examples compared to traditional solutions. By using a multiphase meter, there is often no need for the test separator, test manifold and test line.  Each well can be monitored continuously without having to redirect them through a test line or use a mobile well test separator.  

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