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Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Browser

How do I disable my​ pop-up blocker?
See instructions below for specific browser:

Internet Explorer:

  • Click on Tools menu
  • Select Pop-up Blocker
  • Select Turn off Pop-up Blocker


  • Click on the Safari Menu
  • Uncheck Block Pop-Up Windows Or
  • Open the Safari menu and select the Preferences option
  • In the window that displays, click on the Security option
  • Remove the checkmark from the Block pop-up windows option

Google Chrome:

  • Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar
  • Select Settings
  • Click Show advanced settings
  • In the Privacy section, click the Content settings button
  • In the Pop-ups section, select Allow all sites to show pop-ups, customize permissions for specific websites by clicking Manage exceptions

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open the Tools menu and click on Options
  • Click on the Web Features icon in the list on the left
  • Remove the checkmark from beside the Block Popup Windows option
  • Click OK to close the window

My Cart and My Account

Where can I Request for a Quote (RFQ)?

  • Guest and Registered users can RFQ in the My Cart tab.

Can a registered user change the billing address when requesting for a quote?

  • Yes, if the billing address needs to be changed, click the Change button in the Billing Details screen. You will be able to select from addresses that are currently assigned to your account. If the address you are looking for is not listed, you may request to have the new address added to your account. However, until the address has been added, the request for quote process will be terminated and the items will remain in your cart.

If I am a registered user, where can I find quotes I have submitted?

  • Once the quote has been submitted, it automatically saves and can be retrieved in the My Account tab under the My Quotes tab. If you would like to receive an email of the quote that you submitted, click on the email proposal button.

How does the Upload Excel tab work in the My Account tab?

  • Once you click on the Upload Excel file tab, you will get a pop-up box. This allows you to do bulk configuration and downloads to the Excel Upload template. To use this option, our Excel template must be used. Follow the instructions provided within the pop-up. If you want to download the Excel template, click on the Excel workbook image as shown in the lower right-hand corner. Another pop-up box will appear asking if you want to open, save or cancel. You can choose to open and save when you are done or you can save first and then update. There are instructions in the first tab of the template on how to fill it out.

How long can a registered user access items in their cart?

  • Registered users can access items in their cart for up to 60 days. To extend that date, simply re-save the cart before it expires. If you need a cart longer than 60 days, you can save as a shopping list; lists do not expire.

If I am a registered user, can I see the names that I have previously sent carts to?

  • Yes, in the tab called My Account and then My Carts, you will be able to search through the names. It will be blank if you have not added a member name.

In the My Cart tab under the sub-tab called Direct Product Number Entry, do I need to know the full model string product number?

  • Yes, you will need to know the full model string product number before using the Direct Product Number Entry tab.

Why do I have an “X” with a message “Must complete configuration before checkout” in my cart?

  • If you did not complete the configuration process for any reason, you will see an “X” icon in your cart. The product must be fully configured prior to checking out of the store or requesting for a quote.

Can I copy and paste products into the Excel template from a different Excel file?

  • Yes, the paste function that will need to be used in Excel is paste values. If the regular paste function is used, it will change the format of the template and the store will not recognize it.

Product Catalog

What are preconfigured solutions?

  • The preconfigured solutions are simply a method that provides our customers a starting point in the store when choosing a product. The preconfigured solutions are some of our most commonly ordered model strings. The preconfigured solutions will vary dependent upon the Industry and world area selected on the right-hand navigation bar in the store.

Can I change a preconfigured solution?

  • Yes, you can start with a preconfigured solution and update either the sensor or transmitter. For example, in the Product Catalog you may see additional transmitter options by simply clicking on the Other transmitters available + sign. Once you click on this, you will see more options. To see all available transmitters, click on the right arrow. After you have found the transmitter you wish to select, click on Select to change transmitter. This will pair the current sensor with the new transmitter you just selected. Please note that only some sensor and transmitter combinations will have a preconfigured option. If you select one that does not, simply click the Configure button and build your own using the Configurator Tool.

Can I compare selected products in the store?

  • Yes, you can pick up to 3 products to be compared at a time. In the product catalog, there is a box you can check called Compare Selected Products located just above the Configure button for each product.

Do the filtering options located in the left-hand navigation bar in the Product Catalog help me choose a size?

  • No, the filtering options are to help narrow the selection down based on things such as product family, line size and so on. The Sizing & Selection Tool should be used for sizing an application.

Where can I get more detailed product information for a particular product?

  • In the Product Catalog, click on the product name or image, this will take you to the Product Details page.

I noticed that I only see the Overview tab in the Product Details page on some products, why?

  • This tab will only be present if you selected a product with a preconfigured solution. The information in this tab is a detailed list of the configuration options for the particular product you have selected.

From the Product Details page, can I change the transmitter for a preconfigured solution?

  • Yes, the transmitter for a flowmeter can be changed at any time by selecting from the drop-down menu located at the bottom left of the screen.

What specs are being shown in the Specifications tab within the Product Details page?

  • The Specifications tab will show the frequently requested specifications for the product you selected. If you need additional product specifications, you can view the full Product Data Sheet (PDS) in the Documentation tab.

What documentation is available in the Documentation tab within the Product Details page?

  • There are PDF files for the Product Data Sheet (PDS), Flow Brochure and Corrosion Guide. There is also a link to do a document search for additional documentation that is not listed.

Can I add an item to my cart from the Product Details page?

  • Yes, in the left-hand navigation bar, there is a button called Add to Cart, which will add the current product you have selected into your cart.

How do I get to the Configurator Tool from the Product Details page?

  • In the left-hand navigation bar, the Configure button will take you into the Configurator Tool where you can tailor your flowmeter to fit your needs.

On the Product Details page, what is the button Option List?

  • The Option List will show a list of the model structures available for the product you are viewing. The list will show all the options such as process connections, approvals and so on.

Product Drawings

Can I get a fully configured product from the Dimensions tab within the Product Details page?

  • No, the drawing presented in this tab is a basic drawing of the product you selected. To get a fully configured drawing, you can click on the link Request full 2D/3D Drawings or click on Product Drawings (2D/3D) located in the right-hand navigation bar.

Where can I get a fully configured product drawing in the Online Store?

  • In the right-hand navigation bar under Tools, click on Product Drawings (2D/3D). You will have the option to get items from your cart or to create a new request. Drawings can be requested for a full model set (sensor / transmitter) or for just spares (either sensor or transmitter only). There are several file type options to choose from for the 2-D and 3-D product drawings depending upon your needs. Please note the DXF file format is a good choice for most Auto-CAD drawings. If you click on the Help button, another window will open with more detailed step-by-step instructions.


How can I activate my ProLink® III software from the Online Store?

  • In the right-hand navigation bar under Tools, click on ProLink® Registration. The email address field will auto populate, but you can change the address by typing over the email address. 
  • You will need to type in your Site Code. The Site Code is obtained from your ProLink® software license screen as seen in the screen print below:
  • Once the information is entered, click on Generate License Key. Once you hit the Generate License Key, an email will be sent automatically with the information.

Sizing & Selection Tool

Is there a Help link in the Sizing & Selection Tool?

  • Yes, it’s located in the top right-hand navigation tool called Help.

What happens once I am done sizing an application in the Sizing & Selection Tool?

  • It will take you to the Product Details page for the product you just sized. From the product details page, you can configure or add the product to your cart. If you want to change a size for the same flowmeter, this can be done directly from the cart.

I get an error that says “The current compatibility setting is not supported. Disable Compatibility View before running this web page”. How do I fix the compatibility setting?

  • This error is a known issue in IE version 9. To fix this, you will click on the Tool drop-down and select Compatibility View Settings. Next, click on any email address that is listed in the box called ‘Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View’ and then click the remove and close button. If there is no email address listed, you can skip this step. Uncheck the box called ‘Display Intranet sites in Compatibility View’ and close.

Who to contact

Who do I contact for questions about the Online Store functionalities and help navigating?

  • Send an email to OnlineStore.MMICustomerSupport@Emerson.com or call 1-800-522-6277.

Where can I find the Customer Support phone number in the Online Store?

  • In the right-hand navigation bar under Customer Support, Guest users will see the Customer Service Support phone number. Registered users will see their Sales Rep and Inside Sales Engineer’s name and phone number, if one is assigned.

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