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About Rosemount 5708 3D Solids Scanner

Make informed decisions about inventory control and increase safety with the Rosemount 5708 3D Solids Scanner. 

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Take Control Over Your Inventory Bulk Solids Measurement

With the Rosemount 5708 3D Solids Scanner, accurate measurements for production tracking, inventory management and usage forecasting are easy. The Rosemount 5708 delivers accurate level and volume measurement of bulk solids and powders, regardless of the type of material or product or the size of the silo or storage bin. 

Three dimensional measurement gives you accurate volume measurement even on rough surfaces, and the visualization tool provides knowledge of the formation of the stored material.

How It Works

The Rosemount 5708 uses acoustic phased-array technology. This is based on acoustic waves which are at a frequency that the human ear can hear. Phased-array detects the distance to the material and the direction allowing multiple points from the surface to be collected and analyzed altogether.

The Rosemount 5708 calculates the level in multiple points by recognizing where the reflection comes from and summarizing this to output an accurate volume.

Stored solid materials form an irregular surface, unlike liquids where the surface is flat. This can be a challenge for large storage facilities since the level can vary over the surface. The Rosemount 5708 solves this challenge with multiple point measurement that enables one device to cover a large area, not just at a single point below the device. By measuring several points it is possible to get an accurate volume measurement and thereby get total control over your inventory. 

There is no longer any need for dangerous climbs up to the top of the silo to check contents; with the Rosemount 5708’s unique 3D visualization tool you can check for material formation in your silo from the comfort of the control room. 

3D visualization is based on multiple points measured by the Rosemount 5708. These are then presented visually through the Rosemount 3DVision/3DMultiVision™ software.

With Rosemount 3DMultiVision™ software you have control over all your silos, independently of where they are located. This enables you to conduct sophisticated analyses of current silo conditions.

The software also allows you to use historical data to further analyze your operations. With accurate information it is easy to improve workflows, optimize silo usage and reduce operating costs. 

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Find out how accurate measurement of stored bulk solids can dramatically improve inventory reporting and cut costs in the process.

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