About Rosemount™ 2140 Level Detector

You told us you needed a vibrating fork with HART® capability. Let us present the world’s first wired HART vibrating fork level detector.


Dependable level, made easy with the world’s first wired HART level detector

Rosemount 2140 provides HART functionality with flexibility and reliability in many types of point level applications. Incorporating smart diagnostics and an easy to use integral remote partial proof test, you can achieve greater insight into your level measurement and instrument health.

A dedicated safety model certified to IEC61508 (SIL2) is available for use in critical overfill prevention applications. The Rosemount 2140 is easy to install and maintain and is ideal for applications with high temperatures and harsh process conditions.

How It Works

Rosemount 2100 Series uses vibrating fork technology. Designed around the tuning fork principle, it consists of a two-pronged fork which vibrates at its natural frequency. The frequency changes depending on the media in which it is immersed. When in air, the forks vibrate at their natural frequency. When liquid covers the fork, the frequency drops.

Changes to the frequency are continuously monitored by the switch electronics, which then change the output state to operate an alarm, pump, or valve.

Smart diagnostics enable you to continuously monitor electronic and mechanical device health, and frequency profiling enables gradual build-up, or corrosion to be detected, so you can schedule maintenance during periods of downtime. The selectable liquid density ensures accurate switching in different media types. For media with unknown properties, the unique Media Learn function self-adapts​​​​​​​ operation to optimize reliability. The sand switch function detects build up of sediment in your vessel.

A fully integrated unique remote partial proof-testing capability eliminates the need to access the top of the vessel to access the device to perform the test. The proof test can be performed remotely from the control room without the need to remove the device from the process. Designed to save you time and eliminate human errors, Rosemount ​​​​​​​2140:SIS increase process availability, worker safety and efficiency.

The Rosemount 2140:SIS is certified to IEC61508 (SIL 2) for safety-critical applications. Its 97% Safe Failure Fraction makes it one of the safest devices on the current SIL 2 market. It also has a diagnostics coverage greater than 90% as well as the lowest undetected dangerous failure rates in the industry with an λDU of 13 (FIT).

With the remote diagnostics and proof testing capabilities and a probability of less than 1 dangerous failure in 8,000 years, you can keep your personnel out of harm’s way.

Rosemount 2140 is from a new generation level devices. It is designed for the most challenging liquid level detection applications, and even for sand/sediment detection in separator vessels with the “Sand Switch” function. With access to HART data and Scaleable Output function, you can now infer media characteristics at your point level. It may be used in applications with high temperatures and will perform in harsh process conditions unsuitable for many other level monitoring devices.


Need safer more reliable and efficient level detection?

Discover enhanced diagnostics and new HART® functionality in vibrating fork level detectors.

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