About Rosemount 3308 Wireless Level Transmitter

About Rosemount 3308 Wireless Level Transmitter

The world's first true wireless guided wave radar take level measurement to locations previously not possible.


Reach new levels with wireless communication

When you need to automate level measurements economically, and in locations that are remote or hard to get to, the Rosemount 3308 Wireless Level Transmitter provides the solution.

Remote areas, physical obstructions, high engineering costs, and integrating new technologies are no longer barriers to reliable level measurement.


Wireless communication has been incorporated into the process industry with great success, enabling the right information to get to the user. The Emerson™ Wireless network is a self-organizing solution designed with security in mind. The wireless field instruments send data to a gateway, directly or routed through any of the wireless devices on the network. The WirelessHART communication protocol, which all our products use, includes built-in security that cannot be disabled and functionality that only lets the final device decrypt and utilize transmitted data.

You need long battery life coupled with reliable measurements in hard to reach locations. The combination of our low power circuitry and unique Direct Switch Technology balances power consumption and signal strength for optimal performance.

With the Rosemount 3308 you get up to nine years battery life at a one minute update rate with high signal strength and minimal signal losses. To calculate potential battery life at your site use the calculator linked below.

Power Module Life Estimator

With the Rosemount 3308, you can automate level measurements economically, even in inaccessible areas. Battery power and wireless data communication keep infrastructure needs to a minimum. This greatly simplifies installation since there is no need to dig trenches or install wires.

Along with the easy installation comes easy commissioning and set-up. The device uses an intuitive user interface that includes simple installation guidelines.

The combination of low power circuitry and our unique Direct Switch Technology balances power consumption and signal strength for optimal performance. Direct Switch Technology enhances signal strength and provides a stronger signal while reducing power consumption.

The traditional transformer or bridge is replaced by Direct Switch Technology which uses an ultra-rapid electronic solid state switch. As a result, signal transmission is 2-5 times stronger compared to a bridge or transformer.

The process and device diagnostics in the Rosemount 3308 help predict abnormal conditions. These include self-check of probes and detection and monitoring of process conditions.

Signal Quality Metrics provides on-line continuous diagnostics of how good the surface signal is. This helps to monitor build up of material on the probe as well as product surface conditions and can be used to schedule maintenance, monitor turbulence, and detect foam and emulsions.


Benefits of wireless technology for level monitoring

Read how the benefits of wireless technology have been applied to level monitoring in wellheads and separators, with reduced maintenance costs and enhanced safety.

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