Overfill prevention is based on trust. Human lives are at stake. The environment. Your brand image and financials.

Overfill Prevention

Overfill prevention is based on trust. Human lives are at stake. The environment. 

Your brand image and financials.

Increase Safety with Proven Solutions for Overfill Prevention

Preventing a tank overfill starts with proven solutions you can trust.
We give you the knowledge and the products you need for modern, compliant overfill prevention. Emerson has the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions for process vessels and bulk liquid storage tanks, to support your vision for preventing an overfill. Let’s build trust together.

Overfill Prevention Solutions in Action

Does the risk of a tank overfill worry you?
For a long time overfills have been a leading cause of serious incidents in the process and bulk liquid industries. 
But overfills do not occur randomly. They are predictable and thereby preventable.
Emerson has the knowledge and expertise to provide a holistic view of tank overfill prevention and can guide you in selecting the right solution to come closer to the goal of zero tank overfills.

Conformance to the most recent globally recognized industry standards is critical for modern overfill prevention.
According to the globally accepted standards IEC 61511 and API 2350 (scope illustrated in figure), best practice is to use SIS/SIL devices certified to IEC 61508. 
There are also numerous national and tank specific standards available for overfill prevention that may be applicable for individual facilities.

Selecting the right overfill prevention solution is not easy. There are a number of questions you need to ask.

  • Do you need a continuous level device, or point detection?
  • What is the media you are measuring?
  • What kind of tank and how large is it?
  • Do you need high accuracy measurements for custody transfer?
  • What tank openings do you have and how many?

Emerson’s experts are here to help with these questions and to guide you to the best solution, no matter what your requirements are.

The Rosemount Tank Gauging System contains a complete portfolio for both automatic tank gauging (ATG) and overfill prevention in bulk liquid storage tanks.

Uniquely it contains the first and only radar level gauge with IEC 61508 SIL 3 certification for a single device (non-redundant) configuration.

The Rosemount 5900S with its patented 2-in-1 option can serve as an automatic tank gauge (ATG) and an independent overfill prevention sensor simultaneously.

Process vessels can be anything from a small storage tank to a huge blender or reactor. Selecting the right product for your particular overfill prevention application is not easy. However, Emerson offers a wide range of IEC 61508 certified Rosemount level transmitters and switches compliant to globally accepted safety standards.

We combine industry leading functionality, such as remote proof-testing, with all the functional safety data you require to perform your risk analysis.

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