About Rosemount 3051S Differential Pressure (DP) Level

A range of DP Level measurement solutions designed to ensure accuracy even in the most challenging conditions.


Scalable DP Level Measurement Platform

Make the most of your operation with the scalable Rosemount 3051S DP Level platform and enhance your measurement performance. Innovative capabilities include Electronic Remote Sensor (ERS™) Systems and Thermal Range Expanders for reliable process insight in extreme environments. This instrumentation also features a full range of diaphragm seals, enabling level measurements in a wide variety of process conditions.

Features of Rosemount 3051S DP Level Technology

ERS™ System

Electronic Remote Sensor (ERS™) Systems provide DP Level measurements by calculating differential pressure from individual pressure readings. This solution eliminates the need for long capillaries and heat tracing, reducing response time by up to 90%. The sensor system is synchronized for DP calculation, easily connects with cable, and can be independently installed and serviced for simple installation and maintenance.

Thermal Range Expander

Thermal Range Expander enables pressure and level measurements in high temperature processes. This seal system uses two different fill fluids, extending the operating range of the transmitter from temperatures ranging from -75 °C (-103 °F) to 410 °C (770 °F). With an improved response time of up to 46%, thermal range expanders simplify installation and reduce cost by eliminating impulse piping and heat tracing.

Wireless Technology

With Wireless Technology, you can add new measurement points easily and cost-effectively in many areas of the plant including those that were previously inaccessible. This information allows you to better optimize your level measurements and reduce personnel exposure to hazardous environments. Get coverage over larger areas with long-range communication options up to 1 km (2/3 mi) between devices.

Diaphragm Seal System

The Diaphragm Seal System protects transmitters from hot, cold, corrosive, erosive or viscous processes. Seals are available with differential, gage and absolute pressure transmitters. Advanced welding and assembly techniques prevent weld corrosion and improve seal strength to deliver reliability and performance in the toughest applications. 

Expanded Capabilities

The Rosemount 3051S enhanced features offer a scaled process variable, enabling this device to convert pressure units to customized, user defined units. Process pressure or temperature alerts can also be configured as well as alerts of abnormal process conditions. In addition, the 3051S features remote mount LCD display capabilities, allowing direct mounting of the device while keeping the local display in a convenient location. 

Seal System Construction

1. Universal Connection

•     Welded capillary/instrument connection

eliminates leaks and improves reliability

2. Advanced Weld Techniques

Engineered to prevent weld corrosion
Improves seal reliability

3. Backup Diaphragm Pattern

Matches pattern of diaphragm
Helps diaphragm maintain original form
•     Reduces oil volume for improved


4. Recessed Diaphragm

Protects diaphragm from installation damage
Minimize gasket induced errors
Protects diaphragm from installation damage
Prevents zero offset pressure on the

diaphragm from off-centered gasket

Media & Case Studies

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