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About Pressure Sensors

Unmatched reliability and exceptional quality, all backed by more than 50 years of proven pressure expertise.

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Pressure Sensor Technology

Pressure technology solutions include capacitive, piezoresistive and other sensors to provide essential process data in differential, gage and absolute pressure applications. These sensors measure pressure, level, flow and derivatives by physically responding to the changes in process pressure, converting the physical movement into an electrical signal. 

About Pressure Sensor Technology

Coplanar™ Transmitter

The Coplanar transmitter houses a capacitance sensor with patented Saturn™ sensing technology enhancing performance to deliver industry-leading accuracy and overpressure protection.  The Coplanar configuration is easily integrated with a variety of manifolds, primary elements and remote seals.  Configurations deliver performance and functionality for differential pressure, true gage or absolute pressure readings.

In-Line Transmitter

The Rosemount In-line Transmitter uses field-proven, piezoresistive sensor technology converting resistance into an electrical signal. In-line Transmitters connect directly to the process with a direct threaded connection, hygienic connection, manifold or a seal system solution.  This configuration is designed for accurate and reliable true gage or absolute pressure measurements.

Multivariable Transmitter

Multivariable Transmitters are engineered with multiple sensing elements in the same transmitter housing. An innovative design, this single device is capable of providing differential pressure, static pressure and process temperature measurements. Multivariable Transmitters are commonly used for mass flow and energy measurement applications.

Paine Sensor

Paine Sensors are available in a diaphragm or tube configurations. The diaphragm design consists of a wheatstone bridge with foil gages on the diaphragm with two legs in tension and two in compression and is typically used for pressures less than 5000 psi (345 bar). The tube-type sensor is designed with sets of strain wire wrapped around a pressurized tube and tied together to form a wheatstone bridge. They are generally used with pressures greater than 5000 psi (345 bar).

Subsea SenCorr Pressure Sensor

Engineered for long-life operations in harsh subsea production environments, the Roxar subsea SenCorr sensor is a silicon piezoresistive sensor that measures pressure and temperature. Both are measured simultaneously at a common point via a standard bridge coupling, providing complete temperature compensation of the pressure reading. This sensor can also be packaged with sand erosion and corrosion sensors in the same transmitter for more complete process information.

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