About Rosemount Pressure Gauges

Rosemount Pressure Gauges feature robust designs that resist failures and deliver dependable information


Rosemount Pressure Gauge Innovations

Rosemount Pressure Gauges are designed with proven sensor technology to help you reduce maintenance and improve safety. Providing up to 10 years of reliable readings, these solutions resist failures caused by vibration, overpressure and other extreme factors and monitors device health with a local indicator light. In addition, the Wireless Pressure Gauge can deliver process data remotely via a WirelessHART® network.

Rosemount Pressure Gauge Features

Industry-Proven Pressure Sensors

The innovative technology of the Rosemount Pressure Sensor is designed for improved process pressure readings. This industry-proven sensor eliminates the need for bourdon tubes and mechanical parts and, with a 10-year installed life, achieves long-lasting performance. This sensor provides overpressure ratings from 1.5x to 150x and enhances safety by keeping the process contained with two layers of process isolation.

Local Status Indication

Know the health of your pressure gauge with Local Status Indication capabilities. This feature monitors the overall health of the device and alerts you of current gauge status with an LED light. This LED light blinks every second indicating status conditions, conveying the device is working in good condition or providing a warning of low battery, device malfunction or loss of power.

Wireless Capabilities

Built with WirelessHART® capabilities, the Wireless Pressure Gauge allows you to quickly troubleshoot process conditions, gain real-time insight and communicate from remote locations via your wireless network. This device provides an update rate of 1 – 60 minutes and offers up to 10 years of battery life for long-lasting performance.

Reduce Traditional Failures

Reduce traditional gauge failures by eliminating bourdon tubes and linkages with Rosemount Pressure Gauges. Harsh process environments, such as vibration, overpressure, extreme temperatures and corrosion, can cause bourdon tubes to stretch, freeze, break and experience issues from unexpected damage. With the digital design and proven sensor of Rosemount pressure gauges, you can reduce gauge failures and ensure accuracy and performance.


Rosemount Pressure Gauges can be configured with manifold and remote seal options. Manifolds are pre-assembled and leak-checked with 2-valve and block-and-bleed configurations for easy installation.  Seals (direct and remote) that function as an additional isolation barrier against hot/cold, corrosive or viscous processes are also available pre-assembled to the gauge. Mounting brackets, extended warranties and NACE and calibration certifications are also available.


Technology Innovations for Process Industry Pressure Gauges

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Rosemount Wireless Pressure Gauge Innovation Video

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