Differential Pressure (DP) Flow

Differential Pressure (DP) Flow

Innovative products enhance your flow measurement capabilities by expanding on time-tested and proven technology

Reliable Flow Solutions Across Many Applications

With over 30 years of engineering experience, Emerson offers a complete range of DP flow solutions, including factory-assembled flow meters. Rosemount™ and Daniel™ DP flow products offer best-in-class performance and innovative designs to maximize efficiency in a wide variety of applications.


DP Flow Tools

Rosemount Instrument Toolkit™

Configure flow, level, pressure and temperature transmitters

DP Flow Configuration Assistant

Quickly and easily complete the information required for sizing

DP Flow Engineering Guide

Learn about theory, applications and installation of DP flow meters

Emerson Instrument Advisor

Ensure products meet process specifications before building a full model number

Services & Consulting

Lifecycle Services

Lifecycle Services

Maximize process performance from start-up to shutdowns by utilizing Emerson factory trained Service Technicians who are certified on Rosemount products.


Project Services

Partner with our project management experts who will manage Rosemount product details to help reduce project complexity and mitigate risks

Media & Case Studies

In this video you will learn about different primary element types and how they work, the conventional to modern transition of installation practices, and the functionalities within a differential pressure transmitter.

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