Subsea Measurement Solutions

Ensure reliability, minimize interventions and optimize field development and production for improved reservoir recovery.

Optimize Subsea Production and Maximize Recovery

Subsea oil and gas exploration and production requires operating in the most extreme environments. Equipment failure can lead to intervention on the ocean floor, placing a premium on reliability. With Emerson’s innovative subsea technologies, you can optimize the development and production of your field and maximize reservoir performance throughout the life of your field.

Solutions in Action

Durable, accurate and innovative subsea instrumentation that leads to enhanced reliability, improved production and a reduction in flow assurance issues in the harshest of subsea oil & gas environments. - Continually monitor wells and receive highly accurate flow rates, pressure and temperature measurements for oil, gas, and water  - Gather real-time quantitative sand monitoring data - Receive pressure and temperature measurements in the harshest of environments

With external case pressures that would cripple most instrumentation, Emerson’s subsea pressure and temperature measurement solutions are designed to withstand the extreme oceans depths. Rugged design, high accuracy and long term dependability, make these sensors the preferred choice for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) deployed in remote subsea locations.

Subsea oil and gas exploration and development is moving to depths never before reached. The challenges of high pressure and high temperature (HP/HT) measurements in Subsea Controls, BOP’s and Injections Valves increases significantly the deeper you go. Increase your systems reliability, improve overall operation performance with accurate and dependable measurement solutions.

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