Rosemount 5900S Radar Level Gauge

Rosemount 5900S Radar Level Gauge

Get certified custody transfer level data and benefit from improved tank utilization and reduced inventory uncertainty.

Rosemount 5900S Radar Level Gauge

Rosemount™ 5900S Radar Level Gauge

The Rosemount 5900S is a premium non-contacting radar level gauge with ± 0.5 mm (0.020 in.) accuracy, suitable for critical oil transfers, inventory management and loss control.

  • Measure on all storage tank types
  • Increase safety with SIL 2 or SIL 3 certification
  • Save cost and achieve redundancy with the 2-in-1 solution
  • Make a convenient installation with 2-wire FISCO compliant intrinsically safe Tankbus
  • Access all data with wireless communication – or combine with a wired system for redundancy

How it Works

The Rosemount 5900S uses FMCW technology, together with digital reference and filter technology for custody transfer accuracy. The radar gauge transmits microwaves towards the surface of the liquid. The microwave signal has a precise linear frequency variation around 10 GHz. The transmitted and reflected signals are compared. The frequency difference is proportional to the antenna to liquid surface distance.

The Rosemount 5900S gauge with its patented 2-in-1 solution can simultaneously serve as an automatic tank gauge (ATG) and an independent overfill prevention sensor, using the same tank opening. Benefits include:

  • Reduced mechanical work resulting in considerable savings.
  • Continuous IEC 61508 SIL 2 certified overfill prevention measurement.
  • Custody transfer certified automatic tank gauge (ATG).

The Rosemount 5900S gauge is certified SIL 2 and SIL 3 capable for use in overfill prevention systems.

The Rosemount 5900S with SIL option activates an alarm at a preset liquid level and triggers the safety relay or analog output on the Rosemount 2410 Tank Hub.

The alarm signal can be connected to an Emergency Shut-down System (ESD) / Automatic Overfill Prevention System (AOPS).

SIL 2 requires one or two Rosemount 5900S (or 5900C). SIL 3 is achieved with a Rosemount 5900S 2-in-1 gauge. A Rosemount 2410 Tank Hub equipped with a SIL relay or analog output is also required for SIL safety.

Replace old level devices with modern Rosemount 5900 Series Radar Level Gauges using existing field wiring, communication protocol and host system.

  • Get seamless connectivity and trouble-free communication.
  • Save installation costs and minimize maintenance needs and spares.
  • Upgrade tank by tank as budget allows.
  • Install on existing tank openings with tank in service – no hot-work required.
  • Enable easy control room updates to Rosemount TankMaster Inventory Management Software.
  • Bridge gaps in legacy bus systems by adding a wireless communication channel for gauging, configuration and diagnostics

See how New York Terminals accomplished safe operations

To stay competitive in challenging markets tank terminals need to minimize manual work, efficiently use tank capacity and maximize transfer rates, without jeopardizing safety.

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