Tank Measurements in LNG Applications

Configure your LNG system with the most accurate, and maintenance free devices for a long-term reliable solution.


In a huge cryogenic tank that may not be opened for years, you need a level gauging system designed to be maintenance-free and highly reliable.

How It Works

Rosemount™ 5900 gauges with LPG/LNG Antenna measure level without any physical contact with the surface, and without the need for inside-tank components that require service. It provides continuous, reliable and highly accurate level data, for the entire service life of the tank.

The advanced signal processing design, with a highly sensitive receiver, provides optimum signal strength with an undisturbed echo from the liquid surface.

A patented reference device mounted inside the still-pipe enables measurement verification with the tank in operation. This eliminates the need for expensive calibration chambers and large-size valves.

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The Rosemount™ 2240S Multi-input Temperature Transmitter is used together with the Rosemount 566 Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor, which is specifically designed for cryogenic applications.

Depending on wiring option, this temperature sensor can be supplied with four, six, or sixteens Pt-100 DIN Class A spot elements.

To get even higher accuracy at low temperatures the 566 DIN A spot elements are calibrated individually in four temperature points (4-wire option): -195, -78, 0 and +100 °C (-319, -108, +32 and +212 °F).

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