About Rosemount™ 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter

Communicates acoustic level, temperature, device data, event status via WirelessHART® for integration into host systems.


Discover the Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter

Engineered with WirelessHART technology, the Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter monitors steam traps and pressure relief valves (PRVs). This device accurately communicates your acoustic level, temperature, and device data as well as event status and leak detection. The Steam Trap Health Monitoring software offers cost-effective installation, provides easy integration with host systems and data historians and allows enhanced insight into steam trap conditions, energy usage and emissions.

How It Works

Delivering valuable data via a wireless network, this multi-variable transmitter is designed with a thermocouple and an ultrasonic sensor that has peak sensitivity in the range of 35 to 45 KHz. This ultrasonic sensor publishes a relative measure of the amplitude of the average signal across the spectrum, and this count is used to assess your steam traps or pressure relief valves. This transmitter is also capable of measuring the skin temperature of the pipe clamped to the foot of the device.

Engineered for non-intrusive external mounting, this wireless acoustic transmitter offers you fast and straightforward installation, configuration and maintenance. This device is easy-to-install and can be directly mounted to process piping with supplied mounting bands, eliminating the need to cut into pipes or change piping configurations. The power module features a performance life of greater than 10 years and can be replaced without transmitter removal, for easy installation and maintenance.

As a self-organizing, self-healing mesh network, WirelessHART® technology is engineered to automatically find and manage the best communication paths for any given device. This solution is designed with reliable wireless architecture that seamlessly integrates to all existing host systems and is enabled with gateways that interface with host systems using industry-standard protocols. The embedded layered security, ensures the safety of your network and data transmissions.

Annual inspections of stream traps result in weeks or months of undetected failures and leaks. And, manual methods for acoustic listening are imprecise and expensive. With unparalleled temperature and ultrasonic measurement, this acoustic transmitter, along with specialized Steam Trap Monitoring software, identifies trap health and failures in real-time for quick repair or replacement. Manual rounds in high risk areas are reduced and equipment damage prevented improving safety and productivity. 

Manual rounds for inspecting pressure relief valves (PRV’s) are time-consuming and imprecise. This acoustic transmitter enables continuous, real-time alerts and condition monitoring for your critical PRV’s so you can quickly detect and respond to malfunctions and leakages and improve your compliance to environmental agency regulations. Information about release starts, stops, and its duration is securely sent to operators for notification and historians for recording and reporting.  

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